Who Would Win In a Fight Between Adolf Hitler and Zombie Nazis


Yes that’s right I said Zombie Nazis! I just saw a really funny looking trailer for a Norwegian movie called Død snø (Dead Snow). You can check out the Dead Snow Trailer Here. Also Call of Duty, World at War has a level with these abdominable creatures.

So we have established that Nazi Zombies do exits and are completely real! We also know that Hitler was a real mean basta*d too! This fight could be quite the death match.

Firstly as much as we hate him, Hitler was quite a hard case. Surviving many dangerous front line battles in World War One and known for his ruthless killing Hitler would have no issue hacking the head off an average Zombie. However these are Nazi Zombies and as far as I can tell, they run and have intelligence a little higher than the average “of the dead” character.

So you have to ask questions like, Would a Nazi, even in Zombie form even attack Hitler?

I would say this fight would go to Hitler as he is tactical, cunning, a hard case and probably has less morals than a zombie.

Who Would Win In a Fight Between Adolf Hitler and Zombie Nazis

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