Who Would Win In a Fight Between David Letterman and Jay Leno


This battle has been in the making for awhile.  Well let’s say in the late night TV world.  But let’s put the TV part aside and really get these two into a ring to battle it out.

I see David as a little firecracker ready to blow up, now that his cover is blown and the whole world knows about his extramarital affairs.  As for Jay, he has the jaw/chin that would be like hitting an iron wall.  Jay recently went to an earlier slot on the TV so she should have a lot more energy now.  I see this match up as a classic bare knuckle boxing match.  Minus Speedos (no one wants to see that).

I am putting my bet on Leno just because that jaw might be nuke proof.

Who Would Win In a Fight Between David Letterman and Jay Leno

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