Who Would Win In A Fight Between George Bush and Barack Obama

I’d imagine if this little scuffle took place it wouldn’t be for a few years yet.

Maybe late one night in a mid country bar. Barack is just passing through to a speaking engagement but stops of at “Little John’s Sports Saloon” to grab a drink and calm the nerves. A shady bearded figure in the corner starts eying the smarty dressed well aging Barack.

Clearly drunk the old man gets up revealing himself to be none other than a very disgruntled and bitter old George W Bush. All the talking in the world won’t talk this old drunk out of a good old fisty cuffs! So the fight is on…

In this scenario Bush is not well matched in the age ranks but he is drunk as a skunk and dumb as doorknob. Barack’s fitness regime may have gone out of the window and his slender figure doesn’t lend to well to hard knocks. Bush would probably win out this time around.

If the fight happened today, live on TV, in controlled conditions….. My money would be on Barack.

Now what do you think?

Who Would Win In A Fight, George W Bush or Barack Obama?

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