Who Would Win In a Fight Between Kanye West and Talyor Swift


Well here it is, the one everyone was waiting for:

Kanye West Vs Taylor swift. 

Let me set the mood: it was a cool and clear night in LA.  The MTV Music awards where buzzing. Taylor swift just got up on stage about to give her acceptance speech when out of nowhere the dark knight, a.k.a Kanye West, appears.  He basically bum rushed the speech and started in on his own agenda, praising Beyonce and demanding Beyonce take the prestigious award.

Now what if Taylor has been trained in the art of Jujitsu and is a third degree black belt.  The only thing Kanye does have is the super cheeks of death; it looks like he has canon balls in his mouth.  The best action for Taylor is bypass the elbow to the jaw and bust out a flying arm bar on his ass. 

That would have been good television.  Two high profile people scrapping it out on live TV.

Who Would Win In a Fight Between Kanye West and Talyor Swift

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