Who Would Win In A Fight, Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt


These fellows have been fighting it out for a long time to be the coolest movie star but now they are both aging a little and settling into the more interesting roles. Also their private lives are a million miles apart so meeting for a good old fight is unlikely.

But if it did happen….

Johnny Depp doesn’t strike me as the violent type but he is cheeky and obviously knows how to swing a sword around. Brad has been seen munching burgers and smoking countless cigarettes but when the time is needed he still pulls of the beach look pretty damn well… Is it just show or can he pack a punch.

My money however is on Brad. He lives the ruff and tumble world of a Hollywood playboy and you would also have to be tough to get along with Angelina! Johnny lives a small reclusive life in a quiet part France whilst not on set. Fighting is probably quite foreign to him these days!

What do you think?

Who Would Win In A Fight, Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt?

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